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Getting Started

Introduction to osgART

Using osgART

Programming Interfaces: Overview (coming soon)

Scene Interface

Scene Interface: Overview (coming soon)

NodeCallback Interface

NodeCallback Interface: Overview (coming soon)

  • Tutorials:

NodeCallback Scene Setup

(coming soon)

LinearPipeline Interface

LinearPipeline Interface: Overview (coming soon)

  • Tutorials:

(coming soon)

Extending osgART

Developing a Video Plugin (coming soon)

Developing a Tracker Plugin (coming soon)

osgART's Corner

Developer's Corner

(coming soon)

Artist's Corner

OpenSceneGraph's Corner

osgART adds AR functionality to OpenSceneGraph. To use osgART effectively, it is important to have a good knowledge of OpenSceneGraph. There are many resources available to familiarise yourself with OpenSceneGraph:

  • Check out the OpenSceneGraph Quick Start Guide. A free PDF copy of this guide can be downloaded from A physical print copy can be purchased from the same site.

OpenGL's Corner

OpenSceneGraph itself is based on OpenGL. If you wish to further understand the underlying operation of OpenSceneGraph, you need to know OpenGL. Some good OpenGL resources include: