osgART is a C++ cross-platform development library that simplifies the development of Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality applications.

osgART combines computer vision based tracking libraries (e.g. ARToolKit, ARToolKitPlus, SSTT ) with the 3D graphics library OpenSceneGraph.

osgART is more than a simple nodekit. The library provides various levels of functionality, including:

  • high level integration of video input (video object, shaders)
  • spatial registration (fiducial-based, multiple trackers, NFT)
  • photometric registration (occlusion, shadow).

With osgART, users benefit from all the features of OpenSceneGraph (high quality rendering, multiple file format loaders, community nodekits like osgAL, etc…) directly in their augmented reality and mixed reality applications.


27. December 2018 osgart.org now migrated to Hugo.

22. September 2013 osgart.org up and running, work in progress on the content of the website.

15. April 2013 In the meantime, osgart.org will be transfered. You can still access the website through osgart.com.

28. March 2013 We are coming close to a new beta release, with more examples, enhanced API, mobile version, etc.

27. July 2012 Updated the website to the newest MediaWiki version. Wheels still are churning and working towards a revamped version in Summer 2013.

22. August 2011 Stay tuned development of osgART was resumed. We are going mobile and with a bunch of more features and bug fixes.

21. August 2011 If you see this, you have reached the new osgART server!


The osgART server and domains are sponsored by technotecture.