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Audio is an important and commonly underestimated component of interactive applications. In this tutorial, we will add sound to an osgART application using the osgAL library. osgAL adds support for OpenAL to OpenSceneGraph. OpenAL is an industry standard sound library developed by Creative, and is used in many current games. With osgAL, we can add sound nodes to our scene graph, which will play sounds from the correct 3D location, as determined by their parent transformations. For example, we can add a sound node beneath a tracked AR transform to make the sound play from the marker’s location.


In order to use osgAL, we must first build the library, which also requires us to build its dependencies. Unfortunately, for osgAL, the list of dependencies is quite long:

  • osgAL
  • OpenAL
  • freealut
  • libogg
  • libvorbis


osgAL comes with sample applications you can run to verify a successful build.

Using osgAL with osgART