This is the introduction to the tutorial. This should be a short paragraph describing what the tutorial is about, the concepts it demonstrates and the larger context (e.g. potential applications where the concepts could be applied). It would also be good to put a screenshot that illustrates what the tutorial teaches, such as the final demo application in action. This could potentially be a video instead.


Main Topic 1

The second part of the tutorial deals with X.

You can add code snippets by wrapping the code text in tags. The code will probably be C++, so just put the code between <source lang=“cpp”>…</source>.

osg::Group* createGroup() {
  osg::Group* g = new osg::Group();
  return g;

Main Topic 2

The second part of the tutorial deals with Y.


You can create second-level topics if necessary.

// Some more code

Main Topic 3

The third part of the tutorial deals with Z.

You can put items in a list:

  • osg::Node
  • osg::Group
  • osg::Transform


This tutorial covered topics X, Y and Z.