: Documentation

osgART has been the subject of several academic papers.

OSGARToolKit: Tangible + Transitional 3D Collaborative Mixed Reality Framework Grasset, R., Looser, J., Billinghurst, M. Short-Paper at the 15th International Conference on Artificial Reality and Telexistence (ICAT 2005), Christchurch, New Zealand.

OSGART - A Pragmatic Approach to MR Looser, J., Grasset, R., Seichter, H., Billinghurst, M. In Industrial Workshop at ISMAR 2006, 22nd October 2006, Santa Barbara, California 2006.

osgART is also described in the PhD thesis of Julian Looser:

AR Magic Lenses: Addressing the Challenge of Focus and Context in Augmented Reality Looser, J. PhD thesis, Computer Science and Software Engineering, University of Canterbury. Supervised by Dr Andy Cockburn and Dr Mark Billinghurst.