NOTOC : Documentation#Getting Started

See Below for the hardware dependencies and development environment required for your specific platform.

The only real software dependency to use osgART is to have OpenSceneGraph installed (version 3.2 and above). If you don’t have OpenSceneGraph installed, see our Install and Building OSG page. Some of the osgART plugins needs additional dependencies, more information will be explained in the next page.

If you compile osgART from the source, you need to have cmake (version 2.8 and above) and optionally Doxygen to generate the documentation.

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OS Version: Windows 7 and above

Compiler: Microsoft Visual C++ (Studio) VS2010 and above.

Architecture: x86, x64

Note: osgART doesn’t support metro style applications (Windows 8).

Mac OS X

OS Version: Mac OS X 10.7 and above

Compiler: XCode 4.6.3 and above OR GNU Tools (optional package on XCode 5).

Architecture: i386, x86_64

Note: osgART supports i386 architecture (outdated), but we recommend you to only use x86_64.

Note: We recommend you to install macport for additional dependencies.



OS Version : API 9

Compiler: Java Developer, Android NDK r9

Architecture: armv7-a (NEON optional)